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The chart below is a guideline. Each order is unique, and different skill sets and techniques are used to achieve various finishes on the cookies. When purchasing cookies, you are not only paying for cookies, but my time, expertise, ingredients, electricity in my home, my time consulting with you through emails, packaging (bags, crinkle fill, boxes, ingredient labels, tags, ribbon, washi tape), food coloring, icing bags, and more! When contacting me, let me know which price level you prefer! 



2-3 colors, 2 simple designs, few/simple borders, light airbrushing, simple lettering, simple greenery and florals.

Starts at:

$65 per dozen



4 colors, up to 6 designs, more detailed borders, more detailed lettering, more detailed greenery and florals, simple hand painting.

Starts at:

$80 per dozen

deluxe floral.jpg


6+ colors, up to 12 designs,  detailed borders, detailed lettering, detailed hand painting, elaborate piping, detailed greenery/florals.

Starts at:

$98 per dozen


simple delights

You may buy these as a stand-alone order, or along with a customized order. These are perfect if you want a large number of cookies, but don't want to pay custom cookie prices. For mixing in with a custom order, I will use the same colors so they coordinate perfectly! I have several people who order these just for themselves!

Starts at:

$22 per dozen

After contacting me or submitting an order, I will think of some design ideas and get back to you with a quote. Don't hesitate to tell me exactly what your budget is so I can design the cookies in your price range. To give you an idea, most orders you see pictured throughout the website average about $70-$90 per dozen. I can always make some cookies in your order more detailed and others simple designs - I'm here to work with you so you receive the best quality cookies for your occasion! When looking at the pricing guidelines, please keep in mind that flavor of cookie may change the starting price per dozen. 


Heat sealing of each cookie is included in the price of every order to ensure freshness. 


Ready to Gift

Boxes are perfect for ready to give gifts or favors! They look fantastic on their own or may be decorated with decorative tape, ribbon, bows, or tags. I have many different sizes available. Boxes are $2 each.


Finishing Touch

Adding ribbon or tulle tied around a box adds the perfect finishing touch! Cost will depend on size of box, usually $1-$2. 


All in the Details

Little bows or tags are a fun detail that will make your cookies pop! Tags and bows are best used on cookies that are favors. Cost is 75 cents per bow or tag.

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