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Frequently Asked questions

  • Do you ship?
    I do not ship out of state at this time.
  • Why don't you make character or sports team cookies?
    I will not decorate any cookies with licensed or copyrighted images. This includes characters, sports team logos (professional and college - sorry Penn State fans!), business logos, or any other trademarked wording or pictures. I am a small private bakery and cannot afford a copyright infringement lawsuit! Some bakeries choose to make baked goods with characters and logos, but I do not feel it is worth the risk. We can come up with a creative way for custom cookies without using something trademarked that will be just as special.
  • How long does it take to decorate a single cookie?
    Each cookie is unique and requires a different amount of time to decorate. Some require more details or more drying time for layering the royal icing. Most cookies require a drying period somewhere in the decorating process which takes several hours. I’ve had cookies that take 45 seconds to decorate, and some that take over 2 hours!
  • Why are decorated cookies so expensive?
    Decorated cookies take A LOT of time. Hours and hours decorating. Paying for cookies is paying for every ingredient, every drop of food coloring, bags, electricity, expertise, packaging supplies, labeling supplies, cleaning supplies, gloves, time spent baking, time spent deocrating, and time spent cleaning up. I do not even make minimum wage making cookies. I make them becuase I love them and they are my art medium. I'm not rolling in the dough - I just roll lots of dough!
  • How soon should I place my order?
    I require a minimum 2 week notice for all orders, though I recommend ordering earlier to secure a spot on my calendar!
  • Do you sell cookies that are NOT decorated?
    I do not offer any cookies without icing. However, if you do not have a specific event or occasion but want some really yummy cookies to munch on, I offer Simple Delights. Simple Delights are made from the same flavors of cut out cookies as the customized cookies, and are decorated by drizzling the icing over the cookie instead of a custom decoration.
  • Do you have gluten free options?
    I do offer cookies made with gluten free flour. However this option is not for those with a severe gluten allergy, as I do not have separate equipment to eliminate cross contamination (I would need to own A LOT of cookie cutters!). Please contact me for further information.
  • Do you offer samples?
    I do not offer samples at this time.
  • Can I order only a half dozen of cookies?
    My minimum order is two dozen cookies. Each recipe yields 2-3 dozen cookies depending on the size of the cookie cutter and I would not want any dough to go to waste if I only needed 6 cookies! Look out for holiday cookies as I often will offer smaller sets or one extra-large cookie.
  • How many flavors can I order?
    You may order one flavor per two dozen cookies ordered.
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